Team 5172 Gators Robot Reveal 2019 - Interstellar

Team 5172 is proud to present their stellar creation for the 2019 season, Interstellar!

New for 2019!

  • Sideways elevator with separate hatch and cargo mechanisms!

  • 2 CIM, 2NEO hybrid drivetrain for maximum controllability and power!

  • Hatch and cargo floor pickup capabilities!

  • Hidden, low-profile Level 3 climbing system!

  • Dual Cameras!

Good luck to all teams competing in FIRST Deep Space!


Congrats on another amazing robot and best of luck at your competitions! Can’t wait to see this thing in action at Great Northern.




Amazing robot as always. Love the sideways elevator for this years game.

Are those 2 inch mecanums and if so where did you get them?

Favorite MN robot so far (and probably for the rest of the season). Looking forward to competing with you guys at 10K!

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They look to be these.

This is sick! How many and what kind of motors are on your elevator and what is the gearing? I love the speed of it!

We are running 3 775Pros at a 35-1 gear ratio with a cascade elevator.

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Super unique climber love it! Good luck this year.

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