Team 5188 Catapult Test

Shot was with the front of the frame about 19 feet away from the goal. We put more surgical tubing on and promptly snapped the rope we were using as a hard stop. Knowing that rope was probably stronger than the spool on our winch, we’ve gone back to redesign it. :smiley:

At least as cool as the shooter is the mentor push. And what wheels are those? Are they black 2" Colsons?

Yup. Gray 1.5" were OOS from The Robot Marketplace when we ordered, and we only found out about other vendors after the order was placed, so we rolled with it.

Great job guys! Definitely going to be in the running for RAS this year.

Have you found any significant difference between the black colsons and the grey ones? Seeing Rahul get bulldozed across the floor was amazing, and Rahul is no pushover (no pun intended).

None of the mentors on the team have used colsons before, so we’re not sure. I called The Robot Marketplace earlier in the season and their representative said that as far as she knew, the tread material was identical.

I vaguely remember reading somewhere that the grey wheels were “non-marking”, but we haven’t gotten the black wheels to leave any visible streaks on the carpet yet.

Looks really nice! One question, how are you guys planning on releasing the catapult?

Here’s what’s made of the winch gearbox so far. Enough to see the basic concept:

(Link because huge picture)

Well those gears are almost aligned. :wink:

Seriously though, this is the most professional rookie robot I’ve ever seen, well done.

I’ve got to tell you for future reference, that Banebots is doing some really cool stuff with Colsons. We were running 1.5s until we discovered their fantastic machined hubs that fit into the 1.25 wheels. With the hubs, these wheels are lighter than the 1.5 by a big margin, plus they are nearly plug and play width as a drop in replacement for AM or other wheels. To top it off, they will grind the crown off the wheels, leaving a nubby surface that makes the Colsons a rival for any rough top or wedge top tread, I think.

Could you post some pictures of the new BaneBots colson related products that you bought, I am pretty sure I can imagine what they look like by the descriptions on the site but pictures would be sweet.