Team 5196: Week 3 Update - [4:01]

This is our weekly update video, for anyone interested. In our next three videos, we will have people sitting down and explaining what we are doing. We didn’t have anyone doing that before because the first three weeks have been pretty hectic and we’re just now finishing a bulk of the CAD work and that frees people up to help with the videos.

How long does it take to recharge enough air to get a second shot with the same trajectory as the first?

What is your PSI charge in your pneumatic Piston? Also what is the bore size?

We haven’t hooked up the compressor yet. That’s what we are working on now. After our pneumatics system is finished, we will assemble it and put it on the robot.

60 PSI and it’s a 12 inch stroke, 2 inch bore cylinder. Second largest we can get. I think there’s a 2.5 inch bore that’s allowed as well.