Team 5254 3D Printed Prototyping Resources

Team 5254: HYPE 3D Printed Prototyping Resources

Here is a system we developed in the offseason to make prototypes more efficient to adjust and power. The system uses a variety of 3D printed sliding bearing & motor mounts to easily mount shafts and motors to either 1x1 or 2x1 tubing and is an extension of already existing VEXpro items (Ex. single reduction clamping gearbox).

1" Side Bearing Mount: Same spacing as the VEX side bearing gusset and clamps around a 1x1 tube.
1" 775 Mount: Clamps onto 1x1 tubing and mounts a 775 style motor for use with a GT2 belt.
1" VersaPlanetary Mount: Clamps onto 1x2 tubing and mounts a VEX VersaPlanetary.
1" & 2" Dual 775 Motor Mount: Clamps onto either 1x1 or 2x1 and allows for 2x-775 style motors to mount using a single GT2 belt using a sliding bearing tensioner.

The Side Bearing Mount and 775 Mount can be combined together in a variety of ways to get different belt reductions, as shown in the drawing below.

Drawings and Examples

Side Bearing & 775 Mount Drawing

Intake Example

1" Dual 775 "Gearbox"


Snap-on Hex Spacers: Spacers that you can add or remove from a hex shaft without having to remove anything from the shaft.

3D Printable GT2 Pulleys: 1/2" hex bore pulleys for 3mm GT2 belts from VEX.

Dual 775 “Gearboxes”
Snap-on Hex Spacers
GT2 Pulleys

These were all printed on a combination of a Prusa i3 Mk2S & Mk3 so some tolerances may need to be adjusted for your own printer.


This is excellent work, we will definitely use these if a prototype requires it.

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What a great idea! Thanks for this – passing it along!

Very nice!

What infill percentage do you recommend when printing these?

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All of ours so far have been done on normal settings with 20% infill and we haven’t had any issues for our usage. We’ve limited our use to high speed intake & shooting mechanisms so we haven’t had any very high torque applications. If you’re expecting to use them in higher stress applications you could go higher infill or increase the number of perimeter layers (especially on the pulleys) but we haven’t found the need yet.


Thanks @Maximillian! Took a bit of trial and error on our end, but we finally printed them successfully.


That’s awesome to see! If you have any feedback on the current design or ideas for new ones let me know and we will try to implement them.

One problem we’ve been running into is that the holes for the nuts aren’t actually large enough to fit a nylock-nut in there. Would it be possible for you to either update that or send me the native CAD file?

Here are the native Onshape files if you want to make a copy and change anything:


Is it bad to bump this thread just before it closes? Want to bump it in case anyone’s finding it hard to prototype.

We’ve been using these this year and they’ve been awesome. So glad to have HYPE Blocks and Protopipe this time of year.


HYPE Blocks are awesome, we need more 3D printable resources like this.


We’ve been using HypeBlocks extensively this season and they are AMAZING. They’ve totally revolutionized our prototyping. The ability to set shafts anywhere, belt drive them and then easily adjust spacing is incredibly helpful.

For neos we’ve been using a 1:1 versa planetary with the CIM adapter and a 3d printed spacer so we don’t have to cut the shaft. It’s an easy way to get a hex output for pulleys.


Curious what materials people are using to print HypeBlocks and protopipe and the like. I printed some protopipe in cheap PLA last fall, and it seems fine if a little care is taken (risk of cracking). Now I’m printing a couple HypeBlocks in PETG - looking pretty good. I have a spool of low-temp Nylon that I haven’t tried yet, but I’m concerned it may flex too much, though I’m sure it’ll be strong. I see 1989 using HIPS a lot - haven’t tried it, but they have said it has good properties.

PLA Pro/+ works well, we also use PETG on occasion.

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Most of the ones 5254 uses are PLA or PLA+.

How are the belts generated?

I made an OnShape configuration tool for it. This makes it pretty easy to insert and change belt sizes in assemblies (the dual motor belt was custom made though).

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Would you be willing to enable the link and copy permissions, we would love to use that!

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Should be set up now