Team 5254 3D Printed Prototyping Resources

Just used this, and it’s absolutely fantastic. Incredibly simple to configure and setup. Thank you very much!

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Are the GT2 pulleys linked above for 3mm belts?

Yes they are for the standard FRC 3mm pitch GT2 belts. Most FRC 5mm pitch belts are HTD.

Introducing HYPE Blocks V2

After using these and receiving feedback throughout the years I’m happy to release a version 2 with a bunch of quality of life updates. These are still compatible to mesh with the V1 blocks so you can mix and match with any you already have printed if you remain with #8 bolt size.

New Features

  • Support for #8 or #10 hardware and swapping the fastening system from nut pockets to threaded inserts (either press fit or heat set)
  • Better mounting pattern for tube face
  • Updated motor mounts to support 550 sized motors (on the same block as 775) and UltraPlanetary (on the same block as CIM/VP)
  • Support for thunderhex bushings (like those sold by TTB)
  • Utilizes Onshape configurations to be able to customize each block to change things like bolt size, belt spacing, and bearing type while automatically updating the part name for easily keeping track of exported files
  • Added some new blocks
    • Thunderhex bushings center mount
    • Piston (or anything 0.25") mount
    • “Reverser” block to have a 1:1 gear ratio for changing direction of a motor for things like hoppers or intakes
    • End bearing mount

HYPE Block V2 Download

Due to the use of configurations the main downloads should now simply be done through Onshape. If you’re unsure of how to change configurations and export see the documentation PDF in the document. The original Thingiverse has had the common configurations uploaded to it, but the Onshape is the desired place to go for downloads to make sure you’re up to date.

HYPE Blocks V2 Onshape


Feel free to reach out with any new ideas, missing configuration options, or bugs and I’ll do my best to update the document. You can see there are some experimental ideas floating around the document which may be ready for primetime soon and I’m always excited to hear about your ideas.

Related Resources

There are other similar systems which either accomplish a similar goal or are a great addition to HYPE Blocks, be sure to also check them out.


Just bought more filament :slightly_smiling_face: can’t wait to print these out, great updates all around! #getHYPE

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Just sitting down to print some of these and see there’s a V2. Great updates. Could not be more excited! Thank you!

Fantastic! Hype blocks are a fantastic resource for teams.

Any plans for HYPE Blocks for 1"x2" tube? (Referencing the picture in your post, a simple spacer with compatible ports could turn any/all of these into 1"x2" blocks if the tube is 2" horizontally, similar to how the backing block is the same for all configurations; but they’d all need to be modified individually for the tube 2" vertically.)

A student just ran some v2s last night! Excited to see how they turned out when we show up Thursday.

The spacer for using any of these on 2x1 tube with the 2" dimension being horizontal is a neat idea. I created a simple part to accomplish that, it’s currently in the pre release folder but I will move it out once tested.

I had played with supporting 2x1 in the other, more normal, orientation but it made the configurations easy to break for some of the belt spacings. I didn’t make separate parts to simplify things as I had seen much more demand for the 1x1 versions. I can work on a V2 version of the basic 3 mounts (bearing, 550/775, and VP/UP/CIM) which support 2x1 if that would be helpful.


Awesome, thank you.

At the very least, pneumatic and bearing mounts would be useful for 2"x1", for anyone who uses 2"x1" for their drive chassis.

Might be a silly question, but for how the hypeblocks are set up, shouldn’t they use the press fit inserts that open on the other end? Like these: McMaster-Carr

EDIT: Also, it looks like other than the blank - the other options don’t have the configuration to change to a nut pocket. It’s very possible I’m missing something though

Looking forward to using HYPE blocks again this year! We used some back in 2020 and these are definitely some great improvements/additions

EDIT 2: I now see that the configuration changes the part on both sides, and the threaded insert is intended to go on the inside. My bad. So I think the only thing that I’m not seeing is the configuration of the nut pocket, which is less important to me personally.


This was a purposeful decision as I felt like the threaded inserts are a much better user experience (and as I didn’t want to carry through yet another configuration in every part as the nut pocket caused some interferences). The idea with leaving it as an option in the blank still was to support the basic cases of any of the other blocks screwing into a blank block if someone really still wanted to use the nut pocket.


This is a great resource. Thanks for providing it.

@Maximillian I have a question about the inserts. Why are the insert pockets on the inside of the blocks versus the outside? It seems to be the flange on the inserts would assist in preventing the inserts from being pulled through the blocks. With the way the inserts are configured, wouldn’t it be easy to pull the inserts out if too much torque is applied to the screw used on the insert.

From my use of them I haven’t seen any problems with pulling the inserts out, I’ve found you’ll start crushing the print before the insert itself becomes removed. The fact that the other side of the block presses up against the insert does a good job of holding it in given normal circumstances. I initially didn’t realize that press inserts which screw the opposite direction exist, but never changed to use them. I could add an additional configuration to allow their use if there’s interest.

Thanks for the response. I have no experience with using inserts and was just curious about how to design for them. Sounds like there’s no need to alter your current design. I’m going to order some inserts and try these out. Thanks again for your contribution.

We have printed quite a few of the side bearing blocks and they have been extremely useful for our prototyping. Thanks!
We ordered and received both the expanding and heat-set inserts that are linked above, but it is not clear what the design intent is/was for the heat-set inserts. We ended up drilling out the small holes to 17/64" (Closest size we had to the “H” drill specified for the inserts) and installing the heat-set inserts such that they are pulled from the furthest side of the block. @Maximillian Is that what was intended, or was it something else? We printed the blocks with the “Threaded Insert” configuration. Thanks!

That was not the intended use, but there’s nothing wrong with the way you did it. Both the press insert and heat set are intended to go on the inside of the block in the two recessed holes like shown below.

Thanks @Maximillian! One of the reasons we did it the way we did was that the soldering iron tip designed for heat-set inserts we ordered from McMaster did not fit into the recesses as shown above. :slight_smile: