Team 5254 is looking for mentors near Ithaca, NY

Team 5254 is looking for additional mentors that are located vaguely near Ithaca, NY. We are a small team out of Trumansburg, NY, a town of around 2000 people, approximately 20 minutes by car from Cornell. We are looking for help in just about every area. I will note that we are mostly saturated on strategy mentors at this time, however, you are still more than welcome aboard the HYPE train.

We don’t have a CNC mill, or a sheet metal sponsor, or excessively complex control systems - but we do have a CNC router, a space for a 1/3 field to practice on, and a group of kids & mentors that never stop working. The team is heavily focused on COTS solutions, and we are currently focused on expanding our capabilities into custom machining via our recently acquired Omio router.

We also have a few silver medals, if you’re into that kind of thing.

If this sounds like a team you’d be interested in working with - all help is appreciated, and you are more than free to reach out to me here on Chief.

Thank you,
Justin Tervay


If I were you, I would delete your email from this public forum and send it to OP in a DM. Much safer.

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i’m interested.


I am also interested.


As am I

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