Team 538 Bonding time

this year team 538 is going to play PAINT-BALL as a team bonding time

Because this year has been a little stressful
what you think going to happen??

Team 007 is going to the school play together…to bond…Some of the team members are actually in the play, so this is the team’s way of showing team spirit. This is necessary as some members feel left out because for the past week they have been missing meetings because of play practice.

I play paintball with my friends and we always have a great time. Wonderful bonding activity.

I came home one night last summer, and my parents asked what we had done all day. I replied laser tag, paintball, swordfighting (roll playing sort of thing - it’s fun stuff), and then some halo. Anyway, my parents reaction - “And you guys are friends!?” It was kinda funny.

Great way not only for team bonding, but also to teach your team guerilla combat(youll never know what you have to do to keep that other team from beating you…) :yikes:

Paintballing sounds cool. Our team does bowling nights together. The place we go to has cosmic bowling, an arcade, and a laser tag. It’s pretty cool and a great way to bond. :slight_smile:

i paintball frequently, i have an 03 BKO for whoever knows what im talking about :wink:

If my team went paintballing i would shot someof the mentors first to get revenge muhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

There is just something funny about hearing that Team 007 Bond(s). Ok, Ok, Bad Joke I know.

My team doesn’t do anything other then meet to work on the robot…the only bonding thing we had was a lock in after kick off…we should all do something fun shrug

team 302 bonds with a good game of unreal tournament. we play over the school server…its quit fun. lateley we have gotten into wolfenstien. its really fun to play with your whole team

A lot of that will happen :smiley: i would bet on it

its just going to be funny

cool… i love paintballing :slight_smile:
We usually go for meals and bowling together amongst other things…

wow your luckey, i wish our team could go paintballing but insted fridays we have to play productive games, how fun :frowning: we get to talk about ourselves and stupid stuff like that, i just rather build seeing we are a week behind schedual, thats ok we wanted to finnish a week early so we are still on time but still, geeze

we got build season for bonding time… maybe to much bonding time O_o

lol, paintball, ah man. a story I can’t tell about last year’s robot. :smiley:

Paint ball is actually pretty popular in my networking class. On the weekends one of the two instructors goes out with some of the highschool students and some of the adults students and they go play, and then the teacher brags about how bad he pwn3d them. So seeing it work there as a bonding exeperince means it might work for a robotics teams. If your anything like my team, your team mates are pretty close allready almost like family (or actual family in my case). But don’t count on it working every time expeically if somone gets beat alot then they might feel left out or whatever. But im gonna stop rambling now.

for team 234 every day before a meeting we will have lil team bondings like throwing the nerfs balls around and on thursdays we go outside and toss the football and nerf ball after/before dinner time we have so much fun, when we have free time, taking out the trash(freshman duty) is even a blast even though the trash smells :eek:

Yeah…kind of along the lines of what Megan was saying…every Thursday night Cyber Blue has a team dinner that is put on by our parent crew…we also invite the 8th grade VEX students to join us for dinner :slight_smile:

All these sound so nice, but I think I’m gonna go with paintball. If my team was going to do something, I would have to vote for paintball. I’ve only gone once, but it was awsome. I only got nailed twice in about 5 games. First in the neck(no neck guards, so it hurt a lot, got over it quick though, but everyone was making fun of me for a while, because they said it looked like a hickey) and once in the left eye, i saw eye and not goggle because it blocked the whole eye, it was hard to see until I could wipe it off. But I still hit a lot of them, so yeah, paintball I hope it would be. (sorry for it being so long)

Probably this. :eek: