Team 538- loss of a mentor

We just wanted to let the Chief Delphi and FIRST members know that our team lost one of our mentors this weekend. Mike Leberman became involved with Arab Robotics our rookie year. He has been a vital member of our team for the past seven years. He was a retired engineer from NASA. Mike donated his time and knowledge to all of our members even though he had no children in the school system. We came to call him the engineers engineer. He allowed our students to come up with ideas and helped them when their ideas wouldn’t work. He beleived in learning by doing. He will be greatly missed not only by our team but by the whole community as well. He was a wonderful mentor. To show you how much he thought of the FIRST program his family had memorial donations directed to Arab High School Robotics. We know he will be smiling down on all the regionals this year.

My most heart-felt condolences for Mike’s family and your team. It’s a sad day when the FIRST community loses a valuable member :frowning:

I am very sorry to hear of your loss, It is always sad to lose someone that is so valuable to a family and a community. My thought will be with his family and your team.

Words can’t express our feelings of sympathy nearly well enough. Everyone passes on eventually too many of the best seem to do it before their time. Take the lessons he has given you both as an engineer and a person and carry those on. Share them far and wide. As long as you share the lessons, feelings and knowledge he has given you he will not really be gone.

im sorry for your loss…

You are in our thoughts…

Barbara and Team 538:
I remember all of you very well from Atlanta last year. Our teams stayed at the same hotel and visited during breakfast in the lobby. Your team spirit was radiant even in early morning hours and your warmth and support for each other was inspiring for us. I know that same support will aid you and keep you going through this sadness.
Barbara, your post is such a lovely tribute.
Our thoughts are with you.

Jane Young
Team 418

My sympathies to you all.


Note to 538-
Our hearts are with you. We went through the same loss last year, losing our long-time faculty sponsor Steve Yasick. It’s tough, and we hope you’ll be able to complete the season well, as Mike would have wanted.
Team 85
the BOB Team

1002 sends it’s deepest sympathy to the entire 538 team and family. We enjoy visiting with the team at Peachtree every year. I agree with you that his love for FIRST was apparent and he valued what you students had to offer him.

Memorialize him by living your life as it seem that he lived his, “Always that the chance to inspire others”

See you at Peachtree

Team 538 thanks all of you for your condolances. Mike was a wonderful human being.