Team 5406 2023 Robot Reveal

Team 5406 – Celt-X, is proud to present our 2023 robot “Edwin”. We’ll be competing at the Western University District Event, the McMaster University District Event and (if we qualify), the Ontario Provincial Championship, and the Houston World Championship. A major thank you to our sponsors for making this robot possible.

Catch us this weekend at the Western University District Event.

#JDInspire #TeamREV


5406’s arm aggressively points cone toward its alliance wall…

“Look at my HAT! Do you like my HAT? I’m gonna hang up my HAT.”


“It’s an older code, but it checks out.”

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Hello world. We’re pleased to release the CAD and code for our 2023 robot Edwin. Check the links below for all the nitty gritty details.


Onshape links:


  • A custom “lift kit” to raise our SDS Mk4i modules by 1/2" for improved performance climbing the Charge Station.
  • New “2 piece” versions of our 3D printed DIN Rail mounting brackets for electronics like the Radio, RPM, Brainbox switch, and CANdle.
  • pneumatic cylinders that balance the weight of the arm but didn’t actuate. Since we never used any air, our compressor came on maybe once a month.
  • absolute encoders on every joint using cancoders mated to REV ultraplanetaries (with flipped stages and 3D printed adapters).


Github Repo:


  • Machine Learning implementation for recognizing and locating game pieces during the bump-side auto. Look for our presentation on this technology at FRC Warm Up 2024.
  • Error checking routines to set, check, and reset if necessary every time a parameter is stored on a Spark Max with burnflash(). For a cleaner version of this, please see the wrapper library implemented in the code for our Off Season Robot “Q-Bert”.

Feel free to copy and remix anything you find interesting. We’re happy to answer any questions people may have. Good luck to all teams in 2024!


I love the idea of the lift kit but it gives me pause from a durability standpoint. Did you run your lift kits all season? What kind of wear and deformation did they show? Did you ever have to service them during a competition? Did you notice any weird driveability issues after a big collision?

We ran the stilts all season and for 3 off-season events (nearly 100 matches plus practice) and didn’t notice any wear after installation. That’s not a guarantee that they will work flawlessly for everyone - they take some reasonably precise lathe work to make sure the shaft doesn’t have any play in the bearings.