Team 545 is going the Championship Event

After winning our Long Island Regional with the help of our good friends 229 (Division by Zero) and 234 (Team Cyber Blue) we have convinced our school board to sponsor a few team members to attend the championship event. We hope the see all of our friends from 229 and 234 down there.

AWESOME! Can’t wait to see you guys there

Pit Head

It’s definitely good to hear that you guys can make the trip. Good luck and we’ll see you there! :slight_smile:

Yall deserve to go down; it was a very well deserved win :slight_smile: See you there!

Congratulations! 234 is excited to hear that you will be there!

Yeah i cant wait to see you guys there…thanks again for the good times in NY

As I said in my e-mail

On behalf of 229 we congratulate you on getting the funding and hope to see you down there.

Good luck

AWESOME!!! Thanks for all the excitement and great lifts at LI.
I’m glad you guys get to go, and you’re in Curie, like us.:smiley: