Team 5460 East Kentwood 2019 Recap

Here is the East Kentwood recap video from Team 5460 Strike Zone. East Kentwood was considered one of the 5 strongest District Events/Divisions in FiM. Thanks to 2767 and 4482 for being our alliance partners for eliminations.

Editors Note: Team 5460 actually solo’d nine rockets, but the editor forgot to put in when they completed rocket #8 in qualification match 76.


Love the shot at 0:30 :smiley:

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Congratulations on an outstanding year. Your friends from 5675 Mattawan WiredCats really enjoyed playing with you (and even against you) at East Kentwood. We hope that you enjoy continued success at Detroit!

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What a sweet looking robot, can’t wait to see what it can do at worlds. Lapeer is out here looking like some really powerhouses!

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Great robot! MSC finals were fun to watch.

You guys are scary fast. I seen you do a rocket and four more cargo in practice at East Kentwood and several solo rockets in matches after that.

Good Luck in Detroit!

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