Team 548 cart returns

i know we had a few years of disapointing carts, but we return with another good one.
Here are some stats-
38 cell GM hybrid car battery
2 kilowatt inverter
full computer (XP) with wireless
200 watt panasonic speaker and deck system
2000 watt kicker L7 competition subwoofer powered by a sony 1200 watt amp
red, blue , and white neons, all on switches so you can switch between colors
flip-up oi and computer screen

all in all, the cart weighs about 400 lbs

I call it “EPIC CART”

that’s some sick cart designing. What hardware did you guys load up in the computer?


I really like it. I know our cart has done its job for our first two years but I think it is about time that we come up with a really nice cart for next year

Man, that is AWESOME! Our cart has been just a board on wheels for the past two years. I think this year, we will have a cart-designing squad.

Awesome looking cart!

The radio, computer, etc. are nice and everything…

But how on earth did you get a Hybrid battery from GM??? :ahh:

Since i’m guessing its not out of a brand spankin new Tahoe Hybrid, isn’t it 42v? Where’d you find a 42v inverter? :confused:

How many Ah?

That is one sweet lookin cart… I remember seeing it at Buckeye. Now that I know it has a HUGE battery in it… I’ll come by for a re-visit in Atlanta. I’m sure glad I’m not the one that has to truck it down to georgia. :smiley:


^GM does sponsor them. I am willing to bet they got one from them seperately (as in not ripped out of a car).

I love the diamond plate!


Jeez… all it needs is some motorized wheels and its like a car with a computer…

Thats pretty wild i have to say… What do you use the computer for?

make it hover and no one will have anything on your cart:cool:
Nice job

to qbranch-

we know some people that work on the tahoe project, it was tough, but we pulled it off

At first, the battery was at 280 volts (don’t get shocked), but we took it apart and wired it down to 14.4

no clue how many amp hours, but we ran the 1200 watt sup and the speakers and neons for three days without any problems

see ya in atl, you’ll hear us. we weren’t playing it much at purdue because we were going for chairmans

to gbilletdeaux930-
we use the computer for mostly music and wifi to scouts ect… soon we will be programming on it

Yea after i posted that i thought, wow that would make programming while at the practice field easier.

Yeah, if you are interested in some more photos, i have about 10 more on this thread, check it out and feel free to ask questions if interested…

My God, that thing blows any other cart I’ve seen out of the water!!! Our’s was just last year’s cart secured to last year’s robot chassis. What you have is eventually what I want to escalade to.

PM me some more stats on your cart, so I can have some idea of what I’d want to put in there.

BEAST!! that is all i have to say about that

thats crazy… how much time/money was put into building this?

all we have is a little blue cart with a pull-thingy on it.

at least we know we have acheived about .01% of your cart greatness (=

Well, from our team budget, we spent maybe $8 bucks on hot glue and Velcro, but from the total donations we added up somewhere around 8 grand… But like we said, it was more or less laying around components that we put together to make an amazing cart.

have it blast metallica becuase it was in kick off event :stuck_out_tongue:

Please remember that playing music in the pit is not only discouraged, but exceptionally annoying.

There is an especially warm spot in Hell reserved for those who needlessly add to the noise level in the pits.