Team 548 Drivetrain

Feel free to ask any questions… I will start out with saying it goes 16 feet per second and max out is 18 fps… Special Thanks to everyone who helped put this together, and our sponsors General Motors and Shiloh Industries…

If you can’t view with that link:

Cool! Nice Differential! Very impressive!

I like the gear-shaped gearbox :smiley:

But why did you decide to go with quad steering over conventional crab? It seems like if you went to that much trouble you might as well have gone the whole way and made it go side-ways as well…

I’m glad you like it

Actually, we decided to go with it becasue we found that it preformed with the highest speed, we were able to link it to a 2 speed transmission, and definitally gained some speed… Also the turning is extremely fast, and there is no “lock up” in the wheels… so you can take turns at full speed… We found that it works pretty well, and for the sideways crab thing, that was driving that we fixed, and we are no longer having a problem with it, that day we were practicing in the hallway with it, and we obviously did not have enough room… I will post more videos soon, but the vids in the hallway in high gear (low speed) does not do it for you…

Wow this is one of my fav drive trains i have seen so far. I mean ours is nice, but we have done it before =P. I’m sure that GM had a LOT of input into the design. Seeing as the steering and diff is right up their ally. Quick question though, will you guys be having any kinda of a ball manipulator?

“The plug-in performed an illegal operation”

hmmm…I guess I’ll have to sit this one out.

Actually, this was mostly a student design, we modeled it off of our RC Nitro cars, and it actually has parts that are modeled off of an RC car… About the manipulator, yes, that mounts on the top, it is currently being built on the robot, and should be done by tommorow so we can test and stuff…

that is an amazing drivetrain I am realy amazed that you pulled it off.

I wanted to do something like this. how long did it take to design it to work right.

Not very long, it took about 3 weeks total build, just to make everything work like we wanted it too, but we think that it will repay us with the speed :slight_smile: