Team 5484 Thanks 2960 and 2054 For FIRST Event Win


This weekend at the IN St Joseph Event, we were able to win the event in our first ever appearance in finals! Saturday morning, we were dead last in the rankings. Over the course of the weekend, we climbed our way up and were able to get picked by 2960 and 2054. A big thank you to them for leading us to our first ever event win!

We can’t wait for Perry!

(If you look at the picture below, it’s our team picture with the blue banner. Peep the middle of the picture where we are holding up a cell phone with a picture of our pilot. She fractured her finger before QF and had to get stitches so we wanted to make sure she was in the picture!)


You are welcome! Great team with 2054 and you. Great hosts Penn HS and Indiana.


The stars were aligned. I was surprised that someone else didn’t pick your team before our alliance had the opportunity. You guys did great.

Several of our team went to FIM Southfield to scout and told me they were impressed with 2960 and that they were going to be at the St. Joseph IN event. When our first match (Quals 3) we were with them and 4580 and put up a 327 score we were hoping that we seeded high enough to pick them or vise versa. We had some real issues Sunday morning so I wasn’t surprised that seeds 1-3 didn’t pick us but I was amazed that 2960 wasn’t called up and when they picked us I was very pleased. Thanks 2960 for putting together a good alliance.

I would also like to thank Indiana FIRST, our host Team 135 and all the volunteers for putting on a well run event. It was all very well thought out and the facility was a great location for a FIRST event. Some of our team really liked the almost instant upload to youtube of the match video and the large monitor had a better picture than my TV.