Team 5511 NC DCMP Preview

Team 5511, Cortechs Robotics, is excited to compete at the NC District Championship with its 2016 robot, cerebellum.

During the past two district competitions, we have had to spend our time breaching for almost the entire match in order to satisfy our alliance’s needs. However, last week, at the Campbell District Event, we finally got some time to shoot high goal during eliminations. The below video is of Quarterfinal 1, where we shot 4 high goals. We have made some improvements to our intake mechanism over the past week, and we hope to be scoring 5-6 high goals a match at NC DCMP.


Good luck to all teams this weekend!

Awesome! We’re excited to see it in action.

Thats awesome! It was great working with you guys in Guilford, I look forward to seeing you guys today and this weekend!

Looking good! Have you all considered uploading your match videos on YouTube so they can be linked on The Blue Alliance?