Team 5511 Presents: Impulse

-Robot is entirely designed, fabricated, and assembled in-house.
-Custom 6wd west coast drivetrain 4 NEO
-Custom 2 NEO ss flipped gearboxes (16ft/s).
-24" wide vectored intake
-Fully autonomous 5 ball magazine. Flat urethane belting on crowned colson wheels.
-Hooded 2 NEO long distance shooter
-Singe Stage climber.

The robot went 18-0 through qualifications and playoffs this past weekend. We plan to improve accuracy, shooting speed, climbing, and autonomous before our next competition (NCASH Week 5).

Also hoping to make the long shot more consistent.




Nice job this past weekend. Can’t wait to see it in person at Campbell.


hope nobody in NC built the same drivetrain as 1073 last year, we saw how you fared against that

on the real: this robot is great and 5511 did a great job this weekend. A great example of a simple, effective robot once again. Hopefully an IRI is in your future again.


Great job winning Wake, I love the robot! Glad to see 5511 keep up the winning streak and I hope we can play with y’all in Houston!


Love the robot! I’m hoping to see you guys win more events this year. Obviously it would be awesome to see you repeat the undefeated event. Never losing a match in an event would be So awesome and I think only an ELITE team could pull it off. congratulations!


I heard this team has a good drive coach :slightly_smiling_face:


Great shots!. See you guys at Asheville.


Team 5511 is proud to present our first ever public technical binder for our 2020 robot, Impulse.

5511 Technical Documentation (3).pdf (2.1 MB)

The GrabCAD is unorganized at the moment so we can’t release full robot CAD at the moment.

The climber is a bit of the mess so we couldn’t put that in the binder but we are happy to answer questions regarding the v1 climber used at competition (shown above) and the new climber, which was never assembled, which is shown in the full robot render on the first page of the documentation.

And if you have any questions or suggestions please let me know!

On a personal note, I along with the other three graduating seniors are excited to see what the team does next year when it comes to iterating the robot for the 2021 season.


Will there be a code release? :slightly_smiling_face:


Eventually we will, there’s a lot more the programming team wanted to do with autonomous pathing so when we are able to meet again and they get that down we will release that code all at once.


This looks like an excellent resource, congratulations to Team 5511 on a fantastic robot and season.


This documentation is awesome, thanks for sharing it!

Could you elaborate on why you chose to use HiGrips for your shooter?



We did testing with a variety of wheels during prototyping but when it came to shooting from long distance we saw good accuracy with the 6 inch HiGrips. We also wanted to give enough time for driver practice and programming so we were able to move forward early on with the HiGrips and measurements we got from the prototype we built. I linked one of the long shot tests below.

The measurements and compression values on the actual competition robot came directly from the prototype we built.

We were thinking of testing with colsons after our first competition but we weren’t able to due to the season being cut short.

Essentially, we had early success with the HiGrips and liked what we saw. We also made our hood with variable compression should we decide to change things like wheels.


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