Team 5546 - Homemade Intake Mecanum Wheels

We didn’t want to spend a ton of cash to fill our intake with ThriftyBot Intake Wheels so we decided to model our own.

They’re designed to be modular allowing for easy repair of individual parts in between matches. Bolted together with 3 x #10-24 Bolts and 3 x 3/8" #10-24 Nuts for easily assembly and disassembly.

Let me know if anyone runs into issues with the prints. I’ve included n STL file that prints one left and one right wheel as well as the two individual STEP files.

5546 Mecanum Intake Right v1.step (464.2 KB)
5546 Mecanum Intake Left v1.step (466.1 KB)
5546 Intake Wheel Set.stl (3.4 MB)

(P.S. I haven’t printed these yet, will post pics of final product when I do)


supports? infil?

Should print without any supports. I’ll need to play with infill, but would recommend 30-50% infill. Obviously the higher the infill, the sturdier the wheel, but these were designed so we could replace individual rollers and such so we can just produce more of a lower infill.

Thank you for the stl and we’ll let you know how our print goes…

Hi. Any update on your print of these wheels?

The print worked out pretty well. Printed on a Flashforge Inventor II with 15% infill, 4 perimeters, and triangle infill pattern.

Needs a bit of sanding and the fit is tight, but I’m printing another set with 3 perimeters and hexagon infill on our other Inventor II that seems to produce higher quality prints. Will update Monday.

The rollers may need some graphite lubricant to be smoother. I’m going to play with tolerances and post an updated file later.

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Maybe, but making sure they are actually aligned is probably going to have a huge impact too. I have a set of mecanums similar to this I’ve been iterating and playing with for fun and adding a set of pins to ensure alignment helped make the rollers spin easier.

Yeah that’s why i added holes for bolts. I’ve been thinking on the design and realized that due to the nature of the 1/2 hex shaft geometry, i should in theory be able to remove the bolt holes and the wheel will hold itself together because the two halves cannot rotate independently.

Might add some unnecessary friction, but would decrease weight and complexity. Thoughts?

Note that Team 125 release similar 3D print files for 2" mecanum wheels:

I have not opinion on this, just thought everyone should have complete info.

So, I have bolt holes and the alignment pins as well as the hex. Options and all… if I were to glue the wheels the pins would hold alignment, if not they’d help with alignment (I tend to avoid relying on bolts for locating things because they aren’t really designed for it.

I’d be reticent to rely on friction on the hex holding the wheel together.

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