Team 5550 - Post Season Video


Here is the team 5550 post season video:

Team 5550 Post Season Video

Thanks to CD for their input during our offseason experiments and for providing such a great resource of information. Experiment Example


  • Arkansas Rock City - 12th after qualifying - 7th seed alliance captain
  • Oklahoma - 7th after qualifying - 4th seed alliance captian

Here is some information about out robot, MONIKA.

  • 6 Wheel Tank Drive – 2 traction (in the rear), 4 omnis (middle and front) , 3.25” wheels
  • Toughbox Mini Gearboxes with SRX Mag Encoders
  • 2 CIMs each side geared at 3.97:1
  • Elevator – CIM Motor attached to VP gearbox at 25:1 plus Encoder Stage, using 2” sprocket and #35 chain. Controlled using “Motion Magic” on the Talon SRX controller.
  • Elevator roller kit from Competition Robot Parts.
  • Intake – green compliant wheels on side of intake run on Bag motors with VP 20:1 ratio. For intaking the cubes we ran the left side at 60% clockwise and the right side at 30% clockwise. This basically rotated the cube until it got to a point where the cube was in far enough to trigger a switch and then we ran the left side at 40% clockwise and the right side at 40% counter-clockwise to securely pull it in. The switch also triggered a vibration on the XBOX controllers so that the drivers would know they had a cube.
  • Autonomous Mode – Used “Motion Magic” fairly successfully for moving the robot and for moving the elevator to specific locations. Created 12 to 15 different routines but only 8 of them were needed in competition.

Changes made between regionals:

  • Robot weighed 85lbs at first regional where we had tipping issues. After adding 20lbs of weight in the front, we weighed 119.3lbs at the second regional and tipping was not an issue.
  • Added arm with 5 green wheels to intake that came down on the top of the cube to assist with pulling in cubes. Greatly improved our ability to pull in cubes.
  • Modified the elevator rollers to keep polycarbonate 2”x1” tube from slipping out of rollers.
  • Removed middle section of rear bumper to make sure we got back far enough to hook on for the climb.

Things we think we would do different:

  • Use a different gearbox for the elevator. The VP worked fine but the 2 stages plus the encoder kept twisting and those little pins that help it stay lined up were either missing or broken on our stages. Maybe stronger screws would solved the issue.
  • Scouting needs to be improved. We, as mentors, need to spend more time with the scout team before the event to go over in detail what is expected and how to select the best teams available.
  • Better testing of electrical connections. We had a couple issues where the connection wasn’t solid.
  • Instead of acrylic, use Lexan. Used acrylic to cover electrical board. It shattered at our 2nd regional.

Java Source Code:
Team 5550 Source Code


Here is our updated source code with changes we have made during the offseason

Team 5550 Fall Source Code