Team 56 RoBBE Xtreme Pasta Dinner

Team 56 will be hosting a Pasta dinner at the Congregational Church in Bound Brook, New Jersey. This event is going to be used to help raise funds in our efforts to make it to the national championship this year. The cost is $7 a person, and $5 for senior citizens. You will be served italian bread, salads, and different kinds of spaghetti and pasta. Any local teams are welcome to come out and take part in this dinner; I have flyers ready to be emailed if anyone would like more details.

so according to that only local teams can show up? :eek: :confused: lol jk sounds like a good plan. we just held one tonight and there was a pretty good turn out! good luck on raising those funds and hope to see you guys at nats

Robbe, how abut some details on the post. Where (address)? When?

BTW, where are the “National Championships” this year? I know that the “International Championships” are in Atlanta. :smiley:

If you would, just leave me your email address, and I will forward onto you a flyer for the event.


Could you please forward me the flyer at I will send it out to our entire list-serv. Hopefully I can get a good size group of RoboRaiders to attend.

See you there,

Andrew Duch

Carli probably already knows about this, but if you’d forward me more information that would be great. I want to stick it up on 1089’s team forums. I know that most, if not all of us would attend. We really want to see 56 make it! If there’s anything else our team can do to help, let me know!

[edit]It’s already in my sig, but you asked me to post it, so yeah,[/edit]

Thanks for the positive feedback…once again, everyone please post your email so I can make a mass email with the flyer as the attatchment. :wink:

Hey - you guys came to our bowl-a-thon - the least we can do is help with this. Get us the info and 1089 will be there (as long as it isn’t the evening of the curriculum fair – then only half of 1089 will be there)

Just being my curious self… send me one. A 222 crew may come down dependingh on schedules…

Okay, I’m hoping no one will get mad at me for stepping on their toes, but I thought it was time to let the CD community know. I edited a poster Anthony sent, and this was the end result. If you want to post this on your team sites, message forums, etc. feel free to hotlink (right click the image and choose properties to see its location). I’ve also attached the document itself so you can forward it or print it however you would like.

Be there, and help 56 out! :slight_smile:

56 spaghetti dinner.doc (33 KB)

56 spaghetti dinner.doc (33 KB)


Leaving from CT in about an hour to go eat some pasta…


Team 56 would like to thank the teams that showed up teams 237, 75,1089, and 11 for their support for our trip to nationals. we are no definately able to go to nationals thanks guys! see you at nats!

The pasta dinner was awesome. $7 for all that pasta! Glad I could help by eating. See you in Atlanta!