Team 56 RobbeXtreme Would like to Thank and Congratulate

Posted by Mike at 03/24/2001 8:36 PM EST

Student on team #56, RobbeXtreme, from Bound Brook HS and Ethicon.

 On behalf of the entire team, Team 56 RobbeXtreme, we would like to congratulate all the teams that made it in the finals. We would like to thank and congratulate Team 365 Miracle Workerz for choosing us as one of their four choices. We would also like to congratulate the rest of our alliance, Team 103 Cybersonics, Team 165 Das Goat, and Team 316 Third Derivative, your support, your great robots, and your excellent driving skills and strategies enabled this alliance to become champs of the Philadelphia Regional! Congrats Everyone! 
Team 56 RobbeXtreme looks forward to seeing you all at the Nationals at Epcot Center in two weeks!!!

Mike Allenovitch
Team 56 RobbeXtreme
Student Vice President