Team 5637 Heck dang, it works!

Gotta rework our hooks but it looks like we got something here.

Now, practice practice practice

Looks good North! Can’t wait to see the running at NorthStar!

very good you guys. interesting unique robot . are you going to williams or mariucci?

Hmm interesting concept. After a little reworking that could work really well.

Good job.
Quite an ambitious design for a rookie team!

Seriously cool concept. I notice the tote is getting stuck on the corner of the bot. Is there any way to stop that and remove the corner?

Very cool concept, especially from a rookie team! I look forward to seeing it in person at North Star!

Not just a forklift, but a fourklift!

Just curious, what motors are you using? I see seven places where I would want to put at least one CIM:
]left drive]right drive*]revolving door*]north lift*]south lift*]east lift*]west lift
I guess since you’re only lifting one item on each lift, you could afford to go mini-CIM or even BAG.

i have a suggestion for your hooks, we started with exactly what you have and realized quick it wasn’t efficient enough so we explored and with now have peg board hooks and they work great, and we have them on a swivel so we don’t have to approach the tote perfectly square we can e off little and the swivel will correct itself

That’s one heck of a contraption.

Since late on kickoff day, I’ve been convinced that automation of alignment is the key to getting from the “also ran” to the “going to championshps” level. If you have any sensors that can help you find game pieces, use them! if not, and if you have a practice 'bot, figure out how you can add these at competition.

Your idea is so out-of-the-box that I'd love to see you do well.  Speed to pickup, whether due to driver practice or programming, will get you there.

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Love the idea to try experimenting with pegboard hooks. The team decided early on to just throw something on quick and we’ll use our 30lb allowance for hook redesign. They come off quick cuz we’re too wide with hooks on for travel.

Also, we’re not sure exactly how we’ll set up the auto mode. Once the students started playing with the spinning tower idea and asked what height we should be, I told them I don’t care so long as it can stack 3 totes.
If everything went perfect we’d pick up the three totes and one bin, but we will likely push hard on just the three.

Mini CIM on on of the lifts.

No second robot since we are a rookie team, but we pulled off the Roborio for our programmer and I have some ideas to get some pseudo practice in for them.

Looks awesome!

Do you plan on building multiple stacks by rotating?