Team 5638 - LqPV Robotics 2018 Offcial Play Code Release

Improvements are planned to come throughout the offseason*

Good work, thanks for posting!

Any reason your team archives the “~” files along with the rest of the source code?

I’m just lazy. I’ll most likely remove them later when i clean up the code and add comments.

No worries, was just curious! Thanks!

What’s your favorite thing you learned from doing software this year?

We were having trouble with catching the switch and scale locations (as you can probably tell with all the comments in auto init…) so I dug a little deeper and found a new piece I’ve never seen before. I believe I referenced the team number, but we added switch-case statements for our auto. This was the first time I’ve seen this and it was really interesting to work with it. It was also our first time using PID control, so that was pretty cool. We have 4 setpoints for our elevator to easily pick up cubes from the pile which made us one of the fastest (not the fastest, I’m humble right?) switch/vault bots in Minnesota. Also, the year is not over yet, so there are definitely going to be some more favorites. :wink: Planning to experiment with motion profiling, better vision with a Jetson TX1, and just a wider use of sensors overall.