Team 5677 is Retiring

This was the last season for team 5677. Started in 2015 by Sarah Gonzalez, Team 5677, the Subatomic Smarticles, was a community team that worked out of the TechShop in San Jose. The team gave students whose high school didn’t have an FRC team or a robotics opportunity they enjoyed the ability to still be apart of this great program. In the teams rookie year the team was able to successfully complete a robot for SVR despite being primarily filled with rookies and having no mentor support. The next season some new experienced students joined the team along with some experienced mentors and the team was even more successful. The team was a finalist at CVR with 1323, 5817, and 8 and qualified for the FRC Championship for the first time. During the teams third and final season more experienced students were on the team and team grew more ambitious. In the 2016 offseason we decided to build a whole new robot to compete at Chezy Champs and Capital City Classics. 5 students over 3 months of summer built a turreted high goal scorer that taught the team so much about design, prototyping, strategy, and programming. After our summer experiment, the moved on into the 2017 season. This was the most successful season to date. The team finished in the top 15 at both CVR and SVR, and being finalists at SVR with team 2473 and team 8. Qualifying for championship for the second year in a row, the teams goal was to win it all. After a tough qualifying round, we were the 4th pick of a great #4 alliance with team 5104, 399, and 3476. Although we were knocked out in the quarterfinals, the team had an awesome time at the Championship. The underclassman currently on the team will be joining their local high school teams or other local teams.

This team has had a huge impact on me. 2017 was my 4th year in FRC but my first year on 5677. I spent 3 years with team 3256 and was able to learn a lot but I myself wasn’t satisfied(this is nothing against team 3256). 3256 was a large, well resourced team where I learned a lot about building robots. When I joined 5677, it was a whole new experience. This team was a small team of dedicated individuals who loved FRC as much as I did. On team 5677 the students have to do everything from working on the robot to managing sponsorships, organizing parts, and signing up for events and unlike a large team this work has to be handled by 8-10 students. I learned a lot more about what it takes to run a team and how to build an organization. This was an invaluable experience for me because I now have the experience of not only building robots but managing all of the things that allow a team to be able to build a robot.

Why are you shutting down

If you do’t mind me asking, what lead to the decision to retire the team? By what I have seen you guys were an excellent team, especially for a rookie.

Oh no! This is really sad. Is it a done deal? Anything we can do? Please PM.

Many of the leaders are graduating and the underclassman have decided to move on from the team.

5677 has always built some real neat robots. Your 2016 offseason rebuild was inspiring. There are a few really neat design details on that bot. Your 2017 robot was also one of my favorites. Very clean and detailed design that performed quite well. We had a qual match together at Vegas this year and you guys were very easy to work with before and during the match.

Sad to see 5677 retiring, but happy that 2017 was such a successful season for you all. Best of luck to everyone moving forward!

Unfortunately this is a done deal. I really don’t think that this should be a sad event. Everyone involved in the team learned so much more than they could have otherwise and now the underclassmen get to take what they learned back to their school teams.

We will have kids going to Pinewood, Los Altos, Westmont and maybe a couple others I don’t remember at the moment.

Having been on 3 separate FRC teams over the years this has personally been my favorite. Being able to connect and lead a team full of kids so passionate about FRC has been amazing and I hope to continue this as a mentor next year after I graduate.

Very sad to see that you guys are closing up but also happy to see that the team has been able to impact so many students in a positive way.

Our two teams have been allied together on both occasions where we qualified for champs. It has been a pleasure working with you guys and I wish all of the students and mentors the best wherever they go next.

Hey Rishi,

 I'm really glad to see that you got the chance to have such unique experiences as a student. Both teams are excellent programs, and I hope the younger class-men have a great time in their new programs. If you're heading up to Berkeley, let us know! We're recruiting pretty hard right now!

Best Wishes,

We will miss your team. We watched you develop over the years, and was very impressed this year.

I hope your students join 114 Eaglestrike (Mike Corsetto’s old team) which showed surprising improvement this year and 3482 Arrowbotics. 3482 has discussed with us how to structure its team to improve.

Bummer, it seemed like your team was on their way up.

If you truly are retiring, I’d try to get as much of your parts and equipment donated to local teams who might need it.

It was a pleasure competing against you guys and I wish all of you the best of luck in the future.

Good idea. Can you contact 4543 The Illuminators at Apollo HS in San Jose? They definitely could use it, as well as mentor assistance for a great program. I have contact info if you don’t.

We welcome any student who’s in our area to join 114. We’re looking at some pretty big internal changes this coming season, but I think it’ll still work out just fine. We learned a lot of lessons this season, and I think our students will be bringing their A-Game to the upcoming season.

If any of the mentors on 5677 are looking to stay involved, we’re VERY open to adding mentors to 114. We run a slightly different style of mentorship, but it’s incredibly rewarding.

This post made me really sad :frowning: I’ll always remember playing with you guys at CVR last year. Good luck to everyone in their future endeavors.

Thanks for all of the great responses. The team is still figuring out what to do with all of our resources but donating them is definitely an idea we are considering.