Team 5700 Could Use Your Help


First things first, I am so sorry this happened to your team. A few years ago our shop was broken into and we only lost a tv and some hoodies so I consider us lucky.

Next this thread could really use a different title such as the title of the linked youtube video or “Team 5700 Could Use Your Help” as this may get lost in all the week 1 updates only about building and testing. Or if a MOD could pin this would maybe be appreciated.

I see the go fund me link in the youtube description and will pass that on to me team, another thing that might be useful (for people who don’t want to just donate money) would be an amazon wishlist of tools that would be helpful to get you back on your feet (cordless drills, batteries, etc). Finally if something that you recently ordered from a FIRST supplier (or something in you KoP was stolen) contact them, offer a copy of your police report, and see if they would be willing to offer a partial credit or send part of the order again. If it was in the KoP contact FIRST directly as I am guessing they would be more than willing to send out whatever was taken. It never hurts to ask.

But seriously if you guys need some help with nonmonetary or physical stuff (design, scouting, etc.) feel free to reach out as well.


You guys are a great team, and I love seeing you at competition. I’m sorry something so terrible happened to your team. Hopefully you can recover from it and have a great season nonetheless.

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Thanks for your support and recommendation on the title. I wanted the message to be a little more passive and not sound like we’re just trying to raise funds. Parents we’re able to rally together after the first theft, but to lose things again is just too much for us to cover.

Luckily, none of our FIRST specific items were taken, I know from past experience that AndyMark would have come through if that were the case. What we lost were things like our drive station and development computers, drill presses, chop saws, band saws, drills, drivers, wrenches, etc … All the equipment and tools that’d we had accumulated over the past few years that made the team much more viable. We’re seeing some amazing support for the community and we’ll get through this though.

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Not the most accurate of reporting (wish we would have won Houston :wink: ), but the local news station came out to help spread the message.

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Looks like someone from your team already made a thread for this that links the gofundme page:

Would be worth combining the information to better get the information out there.

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First off, the response from the community has been overwhelming, thank you everyone! We’ve had so many offers for support that getting back to everyone has been difficult. If you haven’t heard from us yet, please be patient. We’re meeting tomorrow to put together a cohesive response plan.

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Was all your code actually stolen? I don’t exactly trust that news report.

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Well, if the code was on laptops and those were stolen then that is not an inaccurate statement.


I wasn’t sure if there was a cloud backup.

Yes, we lost the new routines for this year’s game that we’d done to date. We’ll figure it out and it’s a good lesson for our SoftDev team. Commit always …

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Auto routines or path files? Probably not worth the work but if it was deployed you might be able to get some stuff off the roborio

It was the control panel stuff. Our plan was to get drive train and electronics done this past weekend, but that obviously didn’t pan out ;). Nothing deployed to a Rio that we could pull.

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A huge thank you from the team for all the community support we received.


A quick update … We had this aluminum plate made to put on our robot this year.