Team 5736 scaling/climbing/hanging

Here is a test of our hanging system.

Being a new team with s limited shop we tried to keep things simple. We decided not to try to shoot the high goal at all.

Not sure how important scaling will be in the big picture, but it was fun to build and we should be consistent at it.

That looks close, make sure you clear the low goal

We were able to take some slack out of the system and should not have a problem height. We were originally planning to pull well above the required height but had to make some compromises.

That was one quick scale! If you guys can get the hook on the bar in quick time that is the fastest climber I have seen yet.

Oh here is our hook deployment test.

Programmers have the robot to themselves today so I don’t have video of the entire process of hanging.

One more scaling test.
We are basically a low bar, defense, scaling robot this year. We will have some low ball capabilities, but that is not our focus.

that is very fast good job!!