Team 578 Blue Lightning's Website 007!

Our 2007 website is pretty much finalized you can view it at

if you have any comments please feel free to let me know also check out our robot promotional website!

that is a really nice website… kinda over the top with coloring but still awesome.

Thanks for the comments, our team really apprieciates it.

Looks great, FLR Website excellence if you ask me

very nice wed site looks very porfeinsal.

i liked the blue light in the robot looks really cool.:cool:

Very nice site, you guys have always been known for a good website in my book.:smiley:

Thanks everyone for the nice comments so far, That blue light there is our “wii light” I can stare at it for hours :), amazingly when our robot took so much bashing and damage at Finger Lakes that was the one thing that never broke.