Team 578 Hint #2

Picture was taken a few hours ago.

All we need now are the belts/polycord and we have a ball manipulator of some sort. How it will manipulate the ball is questionable, however that’s for hint #3.

Nice turret, BTW!

The painting was done to add color to the robot.
More hints to come.
By next week we should have a full picture.

next will be surgicle tubing

i think this hint show that you got a nice new table to display all your stuff on for pictures this year. :smiley:

Ironically the table was fully dirty by the end of the day.

next will be surgicle tubing

No we used surgical tubing in 2010 on our kicker and we had to replace it like every match.

I see a 2" Inner Diameter PVC Pipe with 1/2 long spacers made from 2" PVC coupler, and you spray painted them red to cover up the ugly purple PVC Cement.

Looks like a tower ball pulley of sorts?

Nicely done, very very similar the rollers we did up. Only real difference is the paint and on the ends. On the ends, we cut the round pieces off some caps. Ours works pretty splendidly thus far by the way.

Keep up the good work.

This is our first year really trying to make our robot aesthetically pleasing. The red paint is part of that. I am really excited to see all the subsystems coming together!

Actually the purple cement didnt make a mess at all.

We are just spray painting it make it look better then white.

Our team color is red by the way :slight_smile:

Nice eye maybe another teaser will come out on Thursday.

Video of shooting maybe?

Full robot picture by next week :slight_smile: