Team 58 Beta Bot

Introducing our Beta Bot for 2014. Final is being assembled as we speak.


I think you forgot something :slight_smile:

Gentlemen… BEHOLD!

This is a cool robot. Excited to see your final build!

This is a very interesting design. i look forward to seeing the final bot.

Very innovative design (which you guys seem to excel at!)! Best of luck tweaking it and competing with it!

I’ll hopefully be volunteering at UNH… I look forward to seeing you guys compete there!

How are you powering those intake rollers? Cant be a separate motor. If so how did you wire it with that arm going round and round?
All in all a very cool and innovative design.

I’m willing to bet that the motor powering the intake rollers isn’t on the arm. They’re probably using a concentric shaft much like many swerve modules.

Collector wheels are powered via passive spool on shooter axle



My guess:

They’re using a live axle to turn the arm and have a timing belt pulley on that axle that drives the intake wheels. The pulley is mounted on bearings so that it can spin independently of the arm axle.

That would be my guess too. Just a really weird way to phrase it.

Been said, we talk funny up here