Team 58 - elevating for 2

Team 58 - The Riot Crew will be hanging. In fact we tested our robot tonight. Video can be seen on youtube

We hope to make it a little faster but it works.

Impressive, I like it!:smiley:

Very cool. Nice work.

Excellent. Similar to a design we have. First elevated bot i have seen.


That’s awesome!
I didn’t even consider flipping up instead of elevating straight up and down - great idea!

Oh wow… a great idea there… didnt know that was legal…

I’m finally glad to see a team put a video up… My only question is what is the time interval to do this, as of now?? The one thing that my team wondered if the time wasted trying to hang was worth what we might be able to score. Yet, good to see a team show there stuff :slight_smile:

I have a hard time believing this is a Riot Crew robot, there isn’t nearly enough wood! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks great guys, can’t wait to see it in action at BAE! :slight_smile:

Does it still work when bumpers are attached?

I was thinking the same thing, where is the wood?

Looks good, I heard this idea several times, but never thought it would work. Can’t wait to see it up close.

Kaizen and Mayhem - The wood is coming!!!

Now that’s a RIOT :smiley:


Can you hear it, RIOT SPIRIT!

As long as there is wood, i’m happy!:cool:

Very impressive concept. One question, can it hook at multiple heights?

Good question. I noticed someone measure how high it was off the ground. I hope he was factoring the height of the bumpers.

if you have the slighest flaw while lifing u wont make it within the 20 seconds

nice work guys… looks like you will have a great robot this year… you guys were awesome alliance partners last year at BAE and good luck to you guys

That’s true for any lifting device.

58, I’m really impressed with your lifting device, especially considering that it’s the first one I’ve seen. We’re going to experiment with a similar concept… I hope it works. :smiley: