Team 581 Seeking Manufacturing Mentor

Team 581 is seeking an experienced manufacturing mentor to join our growing team for the 2023/24 season and beyond. Our team has expanded at a substantial rate over the last season in student members, mentors, and performance. We are looking to bring more of our manufacturing needs in-house for faster turn around and broader learning opportunities for our students. While we currently have mentors with significant manufacturing experience, we are really looking for someone to focus on and grow this specific area of the team.

The following machines are available in our shop:

  • Omio X8 Router
  • Tormach CNC 770
  • Millerite Manual Mill w/ DRO
  • 48x32" Brightstar B1200 Laser Cutter
  • Manual Lathe

We are looking for passionate mentors who are located in the Bay Area and can attend meeting 2-4 days a week. If interested, please reach out via email to: [email protected]


Bumping this; we have a lot of really great students eager to learn and do more and this is one of our weakest areas we need strong growth in. If you are interested at all please reach out to us at the above email or feel free to DM us asking questions!


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