Team 581 Seeking Mentors (Bay Area, CA)

Team 581 is seeking mentors in all disciplines to join our growing team for the 2024/25 season and beyond. In the last two seasons, 581 has seen substantial growth on and off the field, receiving both award recognition and our first Regional Win since 2006. As we continue to grow our student base, we would like to also continue to grow our mentor team to best support our dedicated San Jose High School students. We are looking for passionate mentors who are located in the Bay Area and can attend meetings in person 1-2 days a week in the offseason and 2-4 days a week in the build/competition season.

Again, we are open to mentors in all areas, but are particularly seeking mentors in fields of:

Our School & Students:
San Jose High School is a Title I public school in downtown San Jose. To ensure students are not deterred from participating in FRC due to costs, our students do not pay fees to participate on our team or to travel to offseason & Regional competitions. Since our school does not have a Computer Science course, and until recently did not offer any Engineering courses, the Blazing Bulldogs have been one of the most consistent Engineering offerings at SJHS. We currently have 28 dedicated students with ~40% girls. We are fortunate to have a large space provided by our school that is exclusively for our team, including space for a ~half sized practice field, a classroom, a large shop space, and an auxiliary machine shop (which we are currently making improvements to). We have excellent teacher-mentors, who go above and beyond supervisory duties, doing everything they can to ensure our team can reach our competitive goals year-round.

Our Mentors:
I can not say enough good stuff about our current mentors, who cover a wide range of skills and are very dedicated to our team and mission. Many of our mentors are FRC alumni (696, 4201, 294, 581, 2486, 3476, 2791, 3256) and several have additional mentoring experience from previous teams (1619, 973, 3476, 1011, 6328, 3256). Our mentors are in various stages of their lives, from working professionals to college-aged mentors (currently enrolled at SJSU & SCU). These factors all put us in a great position to take on mentors who may be lacking in some areas of experience, but are looking to learn and improve.

If interested, please reach out to admin [at] team581 [dot] com


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We are still looking for mentors to help in the areas above (and more!). It is a good time to join 581 - we are starting our summer training shortly and working on a ton of projects already. The kids are stoked to keep the momentum from the 2024 season going and we need all the help we can get to keep growing in size and deepening our impact on the deserving San Jose High School community.

If you are interested at all or have any questions, please reach out to admin [at] team581 [dot] com or ping any of us here!

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