Team 5810 X-Bots Robotics 2017 - XSteam

X-Bots Robotics, sophomore team 5810 from Santa Fe Springs, CA, is proud to reveal our second machine, built for the 2017 game FIRST STEAMWorks.


  • Wide Ground Intake
  • High-Efficiency Boiler Shooting with PID Feedback
  • Broad Passive Gear Intake
  • Velcro Non-Backdriving Climber
  • Capacity for 50+ Balls

XSteam and the X-Bots will be competing at the FRC Orange County Regional, located at the University of California, Irvine, from March 29 to April 1, 2017.

On a personal note, I am extremely proud of what the team this year has put together. As a community team we are entirely self-funded and draw students from a variety of public, private and home schools. Mentors, parents and students banded together to raise funds, form partnerships, develop our brand, and construct not one but two robots as a sophomore team. Even some of the most complex aspects - such as the shooter feedback system and even this reveal video - was entirely put together by the students with mentor help.