Team 5811's 2017 Robot: Goldeneye

BONDS 5811 is proud to present our 2017 Robot: Goldeneye. After a long and exiting season we are proud of the robot we have ended with. Our team (with 0 actual actors) wanted to do something unique for our reveal.

Did you mean 2018?

Also, I love the video and the theme!

Fun video and a lot of clever mechanisms! The ramp with the outtake on the other side is smart. And I’ve been waiting to see someone knock down ramps with their intake! Well done and good luck!

Those ramps. Are. Cool. I like it a lot. Couldn’t quite tell, is the intake arm thingy pneumatically actuated?

Good looking robot! Can’t wait to see it at the Pittsburgh Regional!

Yes, I did. This is what happens at the end of build season. :slight_smile:

Thanks, We spent a lot of time planning it out and had a lot of fun filming, just one example is that our “villain” is our unofficial safety mentor - hence the safety glasses.

The ramps are completely detachable and so are planned to be rotated through positions fairly often. Sorry to scouts in advance. The intake is pneumatically actuated and has a intake range of about 30 in :slight_smile: