Team 585 (Super) Holonomic Drive

FIRST Team 585 the Cyber Penguins is proud to release our new customizable holonomic drive code.

Features at a glance:

  • Use 3-8 holonomic wheels to drive your robot
  • Use Talon SRX motor controllers with the new Phoenix drivers in closed-loop mode
  • Mix and match wheel sizes
  • Mix and match wheel types (omni or mecanum)
  • Use wheels at different distances from the robot spin center
  • Currently robot-centric only

The code is here at our team’s BitBucket server. We will update this thread when enhancements are added.

An example of this code in use is here in a 2018 basic robot project. This code re-creates our 2017 hybrid holonomic drive (2 mecanum + 2 omni), but lacks niceties like dead banding or gyro correction.

A white paper is coming soon…

We’ve updated our code to add a convenience VI for setting up Talon SRX controllers to set many of the relevant closed-loop parameters. We have also updated our basic robot project to show how to use this new VI to set up the motors. The links in the first post will go to the correct files.

Additionally, we updated the basic robot project to drive a 6-wheel omni holonomic drive, with two different spin-center distances and non-orthogonal wheels. If you are wondering how or why you might use this, here’s our proof of concept prototype base for Power Up.

We have a lot to add to get the drive code where we want it. We hope to have gyro and accelerometer correction done this week. If everything goes well, we should be testing our candidate final design gear ratios (12:1 or 9:1) next week. Our target for the white paper is a week after build season, but we’ll try to get it out earlier if we can.