Team 5872 is hosting a Q&A session on Reddit to help Rookies this upcoming season

Last year, my team won the Rookie All Stars award at the Bayou regional, qualifying us to the World Championship where we managed to win Rookie All Stars again.
We would like to help new FRC teams potentially qualify for the world championship by sharing our experience on what we did to win this award, as well as any of our other struggles in learning how to function as an FRC team.

We will be hosting this Q&A/AMA session on r/FRC this Thursday December 22nd from 1-4pm. Don’t worry if you miss the time frame as we can still get to answering questions afterwards.

On the day of the event I will post a direct link to the reddit page on this thread if anyone has trouble finding it

-Team 5872 Wiredcats Heres the thread where we will be answering questions, if you dont want to make a reddit account you can still drop questions here.

I’d ask a question here… but you already know what I’m thinking :smiley:

In all seriousness: How did you go about documenting your outreach to show to judges at competitions?

It’s good to have visual aids to supplement your discussion with the judges at your pit. We had a trifold that outlined our outreach efforts that we kept in our pit. We emphasized our impact in terms of the numbers and hours the team put into events as well as our consistency with these programs over time. We also made a chairman’s video that year thinking that we could qualify for that award as rookies, so we had that playing on a projector in our pit as yet another visual aid. Although we had a lot to work with given our history as an FTC team, the presentation caused us to stand out in comparison to other teams.