Team 5940 2019 Recap

Team 5940’s 2019 season was full of firsts – it’s the first season we’ve completed a practice robot, the first time our programming team have programmed a complicated arm linkage, the first season since our rookie year to receive awards at our regional competitions, the first season we’ve won either the Industrial Design or Innovation in Control awards, and the first season to produce a recap video. These team firsts were no accident, and without the continued support of our fantastic students, mentors, parents and sponsors it would not be possible. Thank you all for everything that you do support the team.

We hope you enjoy our 2019 Season recap video, graciously compiled by our media team!

We’re forward to seeing some of you at Capitol City Classic, MadTown ThrowDown or, for the first time, Chezy Champs!


VIP starts playing
But great recap


Congrats on all the team firsts. Our team had many firsts this season as well, and many similar ones as your team too. Also, great recap.

That. Is a creative pass through design.

Congrats on a great season! Cool stuff as always from 5940.

You guys definitely had one of my favorite robots this year. It definitely had a lot of influence on our intake redesign this season.

Great design… wish it got to champs it looks really well put together. One question… I see the small wheels behind the intake that kind of look like they are for a climb do you plan to work on that in the off season? Would love to see this because it looks like a very smartly packaged climb

Those wheels are indeed for a hab climber that we planned to debut at champs. I’m currently sitting next to the rest of the hab climber prototype (stilts on the back, basically) and we hope to have it working by Chezy Champs.