Team 5940 BREAD WPIlib Open House -- December 15th

Team 5940 BREAD will be holding our WPILib Beta open house December 15th at Design Tech High School in Redwood City, starting at 1pm. We’ll be talking about new changes including autonomous pathing, geometry classes, and more! Sign up if you can come!

Programming experience optional, bread puns required.


If only I had the dough to go to California for this!


Hi, which programming language are you beta testing? FRC 766 uses Java, and some of us might be interested in stopping by if you’re using the same.


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We’re a Java beta team, yes.

Just asked someone on 5940, the correct date is the 15th of December

Oh yeah, my mistake. It’s on the 15th.

Title date corrected

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I see you are also part of the 2019 WRRF Winter Workshops - 12/15 in Santa Clara, CA on the same date.

If we are primarily there for software, which one would you recommend to attend?

We just got confirmed to be presenting at WRRF, and we sent this update to our contact list:

Hi all,

Thank you for your interest in attending our upcoming open house on December 15th! Our beta presentation is moving to the upcoming WRRF workshops which are also on December 15th, where will be presenting alongside team 604 in " Command-Based Organization, Simulation, and PID Controllers with WPILib Java 2020 " during the second slot. We will also be presenting “Autonomous Path Planning and Characterization” during the third slot.

Sorry for the late notice. If you can’t make it, all of the workshops at WRRF will be recorded and uploaded online. Don’t forget to register before December 13th!

If you can make it to the workshops during slots 1 and 2, us and team 604 will be covering everything over those 4 hours.

You’ll actually be in slots 2 and 3, though I notice you state this correctly in your email update.
Also, as noted on the CD post, we actually will not be recording the workshops officially from an event management team perspective, though we will share the slides from them (contingent on presenters consenting to their distribution) and also have no problem with you recording your own sessions if you’d like (but please verify that all the attendees of your session consent to you doing so before you do).

Is there a way to learn about the WPIlib changes outside of attending this event? Youtube video or even some documentation somewhere? Seems like this info shouldn’t be restricted to just the people that happen to be around a beta team that is hosting an event like this.

A few beta teams will likely be publishing their “open house” online instead of holding an actual event. WPILib also should have a page of the 2020 changes available on if one isn’t up already.

5190 did a presentation on some of the changes.

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ScreenSteps has been replaced with frc-docs. This change has largely been inspired by growing demands by the WPILib team. We hope that this move toward a community-led model will increase the quality of tutorials and documentation moving forward.

so basically get Screensteps out of my system and bookmark

Edit: Ok i’m liking the new website so far. Feel like it’s easier to navigate, and has a greater quantity of more in-depth help than SSL
Edit 2: :open_mouth:

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Not sure if this should be a split topic:
Did that just turn a USB Camera into a “LL”???
|And because that was a USB, Does it mean any USB cameras can (specifically asking Microsoft Lifecam)

Edit: Guess my 6 week programming shift is boutta start early and get extended!

Limelight uses a custom version of GRIP, so…

GRIP has been around for a while. It does work well enough, certainly easier than OpenCV. However, a Limelight is much more advanced than what you can do just in GRIP. For example GRIP does not do pose estimation, you must do your own. There are several other factors as well that make the limelight a far more consistent and fine-tuned system for most teams.

I have used a GRIP pipeline alongside the WPILib Raspberry PI Image/OS, but it is a much more difficult system to get working well.

Important to note that there were a lot of customizations made to get limelight to the point where it is.

EDIT: An example of something I definitely wouldn’t want to implement by myself with GRIP that is available stock with limelight:

In addition to the videos other teams have posted of their beta talks like 5190 and 4915 as well as the new frc-docs website, will will be posting video recordings of our workshop after it’s given.