Team 5940 is looking for mentors in the SF Bay Area!

Our team, FRC 5940 B.R.E.A.D., is looking for mentors in the San Francisco Bay Area as we tool up for the 2018 season of FIRST Power Up.

About Us

We’re a third-year team at Design Tech High School, currently located in Burlingame, but we’ll be moving to a brand-new, state-of-the-art building at the Oracle corporate campus in Redwood Shores this coming March.

Design Tech is a very unconventional and new school. All of the classes are conducted with a focus on problem-solving and “learning by doing”. Four times a year, all classes are put on hold while students take two weeks of design thinking and elective classes. Why does this matter for our team? Because we have design thinking and elective classes where students can work exclusively on robotics for their entire school day. It’s pretty cool, and allows us more time to work when it matters most.

Team 5940 is comprised of approximately 75 hardworking and committed Design Tech students. We’ve done some neat stuff: in 2016 our robot “Focaccia”]( was a quarterfinalist at the Silicon Valley Regional and the FIRST Championship event, the latter of which we were invited to for winning the Rookie All-Star Award. In 2016 we took a radical departure from our simplistic 2017 robot and built “Ciabatta”](, a powdercoated West Coast Drive with lasercut bellypan, lots of CNC’d parts, and other cool stuff. Based on what we learned with it, we’re very excited to build on our success from last season.

Perks and Fun Stuff

  • Work with other like-minded and awesome mentors
  • Work in a brand-new world class machine shop and makerspace located in our new school building at the Oracle corporate campus
  • We have a machining sponsor that can make nearly anything (seriously - we’re talking CNC lathes, mills, laser cutters, brakes, the whole deal)
  • Advise and mentor a group of energetic and skilled students with diverse backgrounds and a focus for problem-solving
  • Have the opportunity to attend offseason events, regionals, and the potentially the World Championship
  • Interact with and be a part of a innovative and cutting-edge school environment on the forefront of education
  • Go to fun things like Maker Faire Bay Area etc. with the team

We’d love for you to join us for the 2018 season! We’re happy to have your help - whether it’s a day a week or five, anything aids our team. Experience isn’t required in any particular area either.

If you’re interested, please shoot me a PM or email! I can be reached at ndalporto18 [at] dtechhs [dot] org. Feel free to send this to friends, coworkers, etc!

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