Team 5951 Presents: Magnemite

Team “Makers Assemble” is proud to present our 2018th season’s robot: Magnemite!

Magnemite will compete in the 1st and 4th Israel district events.
We wish you all the best!

Short robots unite! Love the robot, nice switchbot design. Good luck this season!

I like how unique your robot is compared to most of the robots I’ve seen so far which is always great and adds color to the competition :slight_smile:

Team 3075 wish you guys an awesome season and the best of luck!

Love how the intake folds up to fit within the frame perimeter for the beginning of the match. Its the little things that excite me.

Such a unique design, great to see the varying design choices in how to deliver the cubes

I love this little robot. It is going to be really good at what it does. A robot any team would love to have on an alliance. Good luck this year! I will be watching for sure!