Team 599: Its done and it works.

I’m so happy right now! We just finished a few hours of testing and all proved to work. We can even pick up a goal.

Too bad we can’t actually do that during matches, eh Evan?

Ya but its the idea, and maybe if we had hydraulics instead of pnuematics, maybe we could peel off that velcro.

I refuse to replumb the robot, especially with hydraulics. Well, at least leaks would be easy to find.

Hydrolics. Yeah Vic. We need practice from what i saw at Sectionals. The only match i saw was the last one, which we stank horrible, and in spanish:
Well, i was bussy so i could see the entire thing or hellp build, but lets hope we do good at the regionals.

Why is it that only people on the team replied?

Because you sent it to everyone here through AIM and not too many people are on the thread at this section at this forum. And it only a few min. long so far.


After HOW many hours this weekend?!

What size pneumatic actuator did you use?
My team used 2 so we can have 2 positions…But they’re only 8" stroke…
See you at Sac!

wow, amazing robot u got there, I’m not even sure if we are done building the arm of the robot yet.

who rock? robodox. lol srry a quot my team uses a lot

Vaheed, the robodox team forum is a good place for that line. Lol joking. its:
Who ROCKS? RoboDox. You forgot the “s”. It doesnt sound right without it