Team 599 Off Season Chassis Design

The CAD model displays a standard WEST COAST DRIVE system.

The gear box used is a Modified SR Slim Gearbox Triple purchased from:

You can access our CAD files at

I’m assuming one of my assumptions here is wrong, otherwise you’re going to run into a problem with this drivetrain.

According to the 221 Systems website, the SR Slim has a maximum reduction of 11:60 (1:5.45). From your render, it looks like you are using that gearbox with 3 CIMs to direct drive a 6" treaded wheel. According to the JVN Calculator*, that should give you a free speed of ~20.7 ft/s at 106A per motor. That is dangerously high, and you are likely to pop breakers just changing directions, let alone in a pushing match.

*using a CoF of 1.1, which is conservative for a treaded wheel, and a weight of 154lbs, the max a robot could weigh in 2016

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