Team 5's Robot!!!

HEY!! I know all of you have been waiting for our bot’s idea since last year after seeing our ball-mechanism, so here are some basic photos of our robot. There is still more, but we gotta get some pics, so just wait around for a minute to see them. This is just basics, we still have more…

P.S. People w/ 56k connection, they pics may take a while to load… Srry…:frowning:

Team 5’s 'Bot

Not to big on thumbnail’s are you? Tell your web maintence guy to scale down the images, have a hi-res and a low-res then a thumbnail. Will save a lot of bandwidth and make 56k users love you.

And in the picture with the black background… looks like your fuse panel is mounted to youre battery… Whoever did the CAD… nice job.