Team 60 has been hard at work this year and is excited to compete. We wanted to share some of our progress… ::ouch:: :smiley:

One of our first practice rounds… ( 58 points)

Us testing the stability of a stack of 5 w/rc and a stack of 6…

I love how you tilt back to increase your stability! Nice work!

So many teams are making mecanum drive look easy.

Well, it is easier to than something like swerve. Have any teams this season made swerve look easy?

On another note, I do like the tilting forklift. Just like the real thing.

Interesting about the tilt…two other AZ teams have a tilting tote lifter, that I know of.

I approve of the tilt :wink:

I approve of your tilt as well 842! :wink: :smiley: Can’t wait to see you guys in Chandler! And thank you everybody.