Team 60 Teasers

We will be posting teasers over the next couple of weeks. Check back and see what you think.



I thought I was going to see a teaser. As it turns out, it was just a teaser for a teaser. :ahh:
'Looking forward to it, 60!


We will show your ours, if you show us yours!

Ken Loyd
Team 64

Is that the lesson we want to be teaching HS youths??


Can’t wait for the 60 teasers. Make sure you throw some drive pics up for us gear-heads.


Hehe, count 1011 on being in the circle :yikes:

Ask Janet J.

I was speaking of robots.

Ken Loyd
Team 64

Is this a teaser about a teaser?


I am sure that over the years, you have come to realize that no one involved with FIRST would ever knowingly tease anyone especially if the tease took the form of second tease and was responded to with a third tease.

Ken Loyd
Team 64

teasing is not gp. are teasers gp?


There are a couple in the gallery.


Alright Gila Monsters, 60 posted pics… our pics should be up any minute… where are yours? :smiley:

Btw Shawn, your robot looks like it is going to be a good one… then again, do any of us EVER doubt that? :wink:

We posted a couple of pics of the gear box. Ken L. what is your prediction this year?


Very interesting gear box. Since there is 1 motor, I would say this is 1 of 4 gearbox on your robot (especially with the other picture of 1000 gears). There is a high and low speed at the gearbox for each wheel, which is connected to the universal joint on the 5th stage.

What’s most interesting, though, is the shaft coupler on the third stage next to the golden colored gear, and the sprockets on the fifth stage. The sprockets makes me think its used to connect 2 gearboxes on each side of the drive train together so they share the power. But that’s just a theory.

I cannot easily see the shaft coupler on the first picture, so I am not sure if it’s on the table or not. If it is indeed on the gearbox, it makes me think you are doing something else with the motors beside just the drive train. As to what, I cannot tell.

Different angle of the gear box would be very nice. Very cool :slight_smile:

Based on how they coupled the drill motors to their bot last year, that coupling that inputs to the bronze gear looks like it’s for the drills.

It’s pretty obvious that the silver coupling is for a pneumatic to shift the gearbox.

Who knows about the sprockets, the joint, and the output shaft.


Meh need to learn to use these forums, just lost everything i was typing

Ken if you look in the first picture you will see the coupler in the reflection on the atwood motor.

Ok now that we are through that, here comes the rest of it:

2 gearboxes per a robot! Because the sprokets on the gearbox are there to drive the other 2 (or maybe 4 or belts) wheels. Also the coupler is there to attach ether the FP or the Drills (i would use the FP’s becuase then you can use the stronger drill for the arm, or maybe the vandoor like they did in the past so then the dills go in the gearbox).

Now here comes the stretch:

Remember that Kingman posted thier gears there was 8 of everything? well that would mean gearboxes right? Say what would you use 8 identical gearboxes for if you only have 2 per a robot? Maybe if you split those between 2 teams? 4 per team? Remember the Frames 254 posted? (Here) well 4 of those 2 per team. How about those plates?(Here) The hole patterns and the general shape looks very close to the gearboxes kingman posted.

Whatever here is my one post per year! Enjoy

Here are some more

Sorry about that. That will teach me not to check first.


well here we go, thats the same thing i have been thinking. Since Cal games they teamed up and made a robot, im sure this year they might have similar designs which is pretty impressive. Collaboration always works!
but im curious about 254. Poofs wher is the Bell BOT!