Team 60, the Teaser

The 3d Concept, of Justice:

(zipped quicktime video, of Justice)

bright idea

I was waiting for…“SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY”… i think you went a little overkill with the announcing there bud…lol…

awesome concept, hope it works!

Great job! Once again, you’ve raised the bar! :wink:

You guys always have an amazing robot, I can’t wait to see it for real.

How does your robot have enough air to power so many mechanisms that generate “twice the power” that is needed over and over again? Precharge?

And by the way, I slapped my forehead when I saw your amazing concept animation. Awesome idea.

looks like quite a building challenge. if the real thing works like the animation does you guys will have a design award headed your way :slight_smile:

Holy crap. :ahh:

All I got to say.

I predict that they will not frequently carry more than 1 tetra, and almost never 4.

The only point of carrying multiple tetras, as far as i can tell, is to cap goals far from your loading stations, specifically, goals on the far side of the field. Otherwise, I think it is faster just to grab one, drive a few feet, cap, and return.

Did you notice how enormous the robot becomes when its got 4 tetras stored on it? If you are planning to send that robot into enemy territory, you will have a lot more trouble from blockers than a smaller robot. It will just be so much easier to block.

maybe they can use the tetras to help themselves do some blocking…

i have one question for team 60 will your robot and team 254 the cheesy poofs robots look almost identical this year because of a collaberation or are both teams going solo on this one.

Wow…! Nice design guys! :smiley: Can’t wait to see it work at nationals! It’s gonna be pretty awesome!!!

Awesome…the best animation i’ve seen so far. Good Luck for the rest of the season.

Clever Idea, i’d been giving a lot of thought on how to store tetras in an effective manner and you seem to have come up with a very clever way to do it. Like others though i’m not sure how usefull it will be due to the precision required in the system. Big kudos though for an original idea though.

really nice, very good idea i cant wait to see it in action

Got a question though…are you guys under or over wiehgt so far?

hides in corner, whimpering in fear cnat wait to see u guys at arizona

I think that Lex was incorrect in the naming of this thread (ie, the teaser). I don’t htink that this is the actual design of Team 60. I haven’t seen their robot yet, but I think this was just a conceptual idea.

Team 60’s web of deception has been untangled.

This was an animation I made at the beginning of the season of a concept me and the The Fat Alex had. You can blame the used car salesmen voice on him! The idea was considered but wasn’t used due to complexity, size, and the precision needed in the system (basically the same faults everyone else saw).

Technically this was not a teaser, but I will give you this, expect Team 60’s robot to be six wheel drive again, but with a new and improved shift on the fly transmission.