Team 6032 Pirate Robotics Update!

Hey guys! We figured we would share more about our team to others out there here on Chief Delphi! Sadly we will not post about our season’s robot until we have our reveal video. Here’s what has been happening recently with Team 6032!

The robot cart you see in the comments is currently going under renovation! We’ve got a brand new top to the cart and some fancy LEDs being put together on it! Lately we’ve lubricated the wheels to keep it maintained since it is a 4 year old cart, put in a support beam for the new top and put in shelving that is permanent to the cart.Other than that we are just preparing it for the technician obstacle course so that afterwards all we need to do is put the new top on, the sign and the LEDs which should be a two-three day final touch

In preseason we were rebuilding our Rookie Year Championship bot! (Rookie All Star) We are currently finishing this robot up! We just need to get the upper frame assembled, put the arm back in place and put the intake back on.

Currently this project is at halt, however the frame and drivetrain is completely assembled! We chose to make a catapult-like mechanism for the t-shirts to be thrown! Really this drivetrain and the Stronghold robot is for learning, display and entertainment purposes for our new people!

Guess what! We’ve finally got a CAD team! As build works on projects, the CAD team actually designs and assembles all of our parts/pieces on Solidworks! This is the first year we’ve had a CAD team!

Other than all of this, Marketing has done such an awesome job fundraising and outreaching! Thank you to our sponsors! Also the Programming team is now learning how to use Java to program all of the robots!


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