Team 604 Presents: Skyhammer

Team 604 is proud to present our 2014 robot, Skyhammer.

The reveal video can be seen here:

More pictures and information is on our website:

Very nice robot and rendering guys!

Congrats on a very versatile robot!

This is my favorite robot hands down.

This is awesome! Great Job guys!

One of the best all-around robots I’ve seen this year.

The speed of the intake amazes me, great job guys! Is the shooter pneumatic or mechanical?

That’s a very innovative and cool solution to catching. Very original. I can’t wait to see it in action!


Really like your design. I can see you guys going far this year. Good luck!

Thanks! It’s mechanical, powered by surgical tubing. A CIM pulls it back and it gets released by a ball shifter.

This is most impressive. A lot of teams are going to love tossing passes to this robot.

How well does it catch when the truss shot hits the extended arms rather than the center? Is the catch automated in any way?

There are a few clips (such as the one at 0:35) where the ball doesn’t hit the center. It seems to catch pretty well, though we are planning for ways to further dampen the ball so it doesn’t bounce as much. The catch isn’t automated (the driver must manually close the arms), but the self-catch at the very end is automated. We may look at automating the catch in the future if we can prove it’s more reliable than manually controlling it.

That is one cool launcher. I have a feeling that you are going to rule out on the field.

Amazing robot, and when the whole thing opened to catch a ball, it became my favorite robot (yes, even when including 118)

Very cool robot and video!

My only question is what happens when play starts to get rough and the intake starts taking some abuse…or the driver runs it into a wall?

What is the weak link?

Very nice robot! I wantz.

The best catching robot i’ve seen so far. Incredible job!

I really won’t say that there is much of a weak link rather we plan not to run around in the intake position but rather in stow when the flower is all the way up.

The arms are rather rigid contrary to first glance.