Team 604's Updated Website

We’ve updated our site significantly since last year. Some sections are still lacking in content (especially on the “Resources” pages) and we’re looking to revamp the “Videos” page, but here it is!

(Also, a few links to the FIRST website are broken since they renovated their site. I’ll fix them soon)

Comments/suggestions/critiques are welcome.

Great looking website, this is going on my inspiration bookmarks !

Take headshot pictures of your members -

Thanks for sharing.

Its great!

my only thing is i feel like you are doing overkill on the whole reflection thing

Yeah, maybe a little bit. Hehe. Thanks for your thoughts!

My link still works, so I’m happy.
And I personally love the reflection theme, because it does go along with our metallic name.

Nice job, Eugene! I like how it’s simple and easy to find what you’re looking for.

Impressive outreach page! :smiley: Our website’s under construction now, but I’ll get you the link as soon as it’s done.

I really like your website a lot! :smiley:

However, the spacing for the top banner seems awkward because of slow loading time for the picture on the homepage. It works on the other pages though.

Again, GREAT JOB! I like your outreach pages as well, and how the photo gallery viewer fits into the layout.