Team 6054 Bylaws

Our rookie team has just finished our bylaws. I thought I would post it to see if anyone had any ideas of feedback on things we didn’t think of, or anything that in your experience would be a bad idea. Or if you like it and want to modify it and make it your own so be it.

Thanks for taking a look.


Marlington Robotics Team Bylaws.docx (17.5 KB)

Marlington Robotics Team Bylaws.docx (17.5 KB)

Spell check could be useful–there are several items that could use it.

The other big thing that jumps out to me is that if there’s a problem student (or mentor) and 2/3 of the membership can’t agree that there’s a problem, then there is no recourse as far as removal. I would add in something allowing for coaches/mentors/teachers and/or the officers to apply an indefinite suspension in egregious cases while further discussion continues. Oh, and it’s normal in such cases for any “problem persons” to NOT be allowed to vote. Might want to put in a phrase about “except the person(s) in question” on that secret ballot.