Team 6055- BOSS Robot Reveal

Here is a link to our 2018 robot “Clyde”. This is only our third year to compete and this is our first reveal video so forgive me on the production quality. We were pressed for time.

100% Sheet metal design.

One stage lift/arm hybrid

Can climb all the way to one side or the other of the rung.

It looks amazing I love it!! I can’t wait to see it at the Rock City Regional!

Can you post photos of this robot? The design looks super clean, is that a DART actuator on the arm?

Yes. that is a Dart. I’ll try to post a couple pics.

Way to go! This robot is well packed and well thought out! Another great robot from BOSS. See you in a couple of weeks!

I’ve been waiting for you to reveal this one for awhile! That hang is just amazing. So proud of all you have been able to do as a third year team. And without much practice area or shop space.

~ Meredith